Release: 1.12.2   Snapshot: 18w16a

When you joining any Minecraft server, it saves all player data into a directory. In the recent update, Mojang has implemented an UUID system which using their API we can obtain the username and skin.
Creating files on any operating system has a “Creation Date” and “Last Modified Date”. I’m able to use basic commands to read that file and store these values into a database.
Originally, this was closed source. However, You can easily find how to do this by reading
For obvious reasons, we don't provide OP to anyone, unless I know and trust you.

For the most part, we're publicly always open. However, we may get someone to plug our server and may ask us to whitelist.

If by some chance I'm not online and this does happen, YouTubers are allowed to whitelist the servers themselves by typing.

Enabling Whitelist

  • /whitelist on
  • /whitelist save
  • /whitelist reload

Adding Player

  • /whitelist add
  • /whitelist save
  • /whitelist reload

Sometimes the adding a player doesn't save therefore forcing a save a reload via whitelist this will negate the need for rebooting the server.

Game rules were added to Minecraft as a new way for basic way to protect in vanilla. It's completely basic and hopefully in the near future they will add some new game rules that we are able to fully utilize.


  • /gamerule commandBlockOutput true
  • /gamerule doFireTick false
  • /gamerule doTileDrops false
  • /gamerule keepInventory true

In vanilla there are scoreboards and I’ve and by creating dummy boards and enabling them, you I add specific users to teams, automatically. This allows me to set essentially a rank in chat without the need of client-side mods.

Colors and Ranks

  • [Owner] - Cory_
  • [Mojang] - All Mojang Developers
  • [Admin] - All Admins
  • [Moderator] - All Moderators
  • [Members] - All Users
  • [YouTuber] - All YouTubers