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Release: 1.13.2   Snapshot: 19w03b


My name is Cory Gillenkirk and I am a PHP Developer and Server Administrator by trade. Currently, I am the Lead System Administrator for MCProHosting, LLC. However, in my free time I work and develop websites such as But this is more than just a website.

Back in 2011-2012, I was the Head Admin for Minecraft Mondays with BebopVox. At the time BebopVox would ask me to setup a snapshot server for him, so that he would able to record a video and release it on his channel. Snapshots continued to become quite popular. And I got to thinking about how to automate making snapshot servers. is the product of my thinking about “automatic snapshot server creation”, as well as a byproduct of learning to do things better. This means that it doesn't require any user input or user action for the server to come online. Once Mojang releases a new snapshot, it checks, automatically downloads and starts the Minecraft Server. Once that action has been completed, it then automatically sends a tweet from two Twitter accounts: @GetOneMoreBlock and @MCSnapshot.