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Release: 1.20.6   Snapshot: 1.21-rc1

When you joining any Minecraft server, it saves all player data into a directory. Mojang has implemented a UUID system which allows me to pull from their API and we can obtain the username and skin.
Creating files on any operating system has a “Creation Date” and “Last Modified Date”. I’m able to use basic commands to read that file and store these values into a database.
You can read the JSON file, and decode these values to get the string in plain text. Mojang's JSON File
For obvious reasons, we don't provide OP to just anyone. :)

Gamerules were added to Minecraft as a new way for basic way to protect in vanilla. It's completely basic and these are the following ones we currently have enabled.


  • /gamerule commandBlockOutput true
  • /gamerule keepInventory true

Minecraft Vanilla has a /team command which allows you to add a team name, and you can modify the prefix by adding text, bold and a color.


Adding a Group

/team add OWNER {"text":"OWNER"}
/team modify OWNER prefix {"text":"OWNER ","bold":"true","color":"dark_red"}

Adding a User to a Group

/team join OWNER Cory

Colors and Ranks

  • OWNER - Cory
  • ADMIN - JustPlayHere/MCSnapshot ADMINS
  • MODERATOR - JustPlayHere/MCSnapshot MODERATORS
  • VIP - VIP